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China Hongqiao Expected To Move Another 1 MM MTPA To Yunnan Province

China Hongqiao Expected To Move Another 1 MM MTPA To Yunnan Province

More aluminium capacity is moving south in the People’s Republic of China, as sources indicate that China Hongqiao Group is expected to relocate roughly 1 million metric tons per annum to Yunnan province. A pair of sources claiming knowledge of the situation...


China Hongqiao Abruptly Quits The International Aluminium Institute

World leading aluminium producer China Hongqiao Group abruptly quit the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) this week, leaving only four years after joining the body. The IAI accounted for almost two-thirds of the bauxite, alumina, and aluminium mined, refined, and smelted throughout the world. However, with Hongqiao’s departure, the firm takes with it around 6.5 million […]

Hongqiao Announces Sale of 650 MM Shares in Attempt At Paying Down Debt

Hongqiao, the world’s largest aluminium producer announced on Tuesday a push to raise HK$6.24 billion (US$800 million) via the sale of new shares just a day after announcing a trading halt. China Hongqiao Group Limited made the announcement in a filing to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong yesterday, elaborating that it plans to sell […]

Hongqiao Insiders Say Cuts Totaling a Quarter Million MTPA of Aluminium-Smelting Capacity In the Works

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, China Hongqiao Group began curtailing outdated aluminium capacity on Tuesday, coinciding with an announced crackdown by the government of the People’s Republic of China on illicit aluminium smelting capacity. Although the company demurred when asked for details, sources who spoke to Bloomberg on Tuesday said that Hongqiao […]