“Unrest” In Guyana Prompts Rusal’s Sudden Exit

“Unrest” In Guyana Prompts Rusal’s Sudden Exit

Citing unrest and sabotage, Russian Federation aluminium giant U.C. Rusal shut down operations in Guyana yesterday, leaving over 300 employees without a job. In a press release, Rusal said yesterday that several incidents in the recent past have pushed them to the...


US Firm to Submit Plan for Opening Abrasive-Grade Bauxite Plant in Guyana

American firm Metallica Commodities Corp. plans to submit a proposal for re-opening an idled calcining kiln in Guyana for the production of abrasive bauxite. The Guyanese government requested the re-submission of plans previously rejected by the previous Guyanese administration in 2007. “There has been a new government in Guyana since May of last year (…) […]