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European Aluminium Releases Mid-Term Review Of 2025 Sustainability Goals

European Aluminium Releases Mid-Term Review Of 2025 Sustainability Goals

Trade group European Aluminium Association released its mid-term review of its Sustainability Roadmap Towards 2025 this week, detailing the progress made and work yet to be completed on the task of achieving sustainable aluminium production on the continent. Initiated in 2015, the...


Aluminium Trade Groups Call On G7 To Combat Beijing鈥檚 Subsidies

Aluminium sector trade group Aluminum Association joined with their counterparts in Canada, Japan, and Europe to call upon the Group of Seven (G7) nations to join to level the global playing field for trade in aluminium and associated products. The aluminium trade associations鈥 announcement coincided with the release of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development鈥檚 […]

European Commission Mandates Registration For Aluminium Extrusions Imported From China

The European Commission announced on Tuesday that aluminium extrusions imported from the People鈥檚 Republic of China will immediately be subject to registration by each of its member nations鈥 customs authority. The move is the next step in the European Commission鈥檚 response to complaints from the continent鈥檚 aluminium sector as expressed by the trade body European […]

European Commission Launches Anti-Dumping Investigation Into Chinese Flat-Rolled Aluminium

The European Union announced last week the commencement of an anti-dumping investigation on imports from Chinese producers of flat-rolled aluminium products. Per the European Commission, the industry provided enough evidence of the harm to supplies of raw materials in the Union the underpriced imports of flat-rolled aluminium from China has wrought. The formal complaint to […]

European Commission Launches Anti-Dumping Investigation Targeting Chinese Aluminium Extruders

Late last week the European Commission announced that it has begun an official inquiry into allegations that aluminium extrusions producers from the People鈥檚 Republic of China are dumping their product on the continent鈥檚 market, thereby undercutting local producers. The Commission issued the notice on Friday as part of its regularly-published journal. The EC鈥檚 investigation is […]