Fingal Rail Bauxite Project

ABx Doubles Rare Earth Element Estimate At Tasmanian Bauxite Projects

ABx Doubles Rare Earth Element Estimate At Tasmanian Bauxite Projects

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) increased the rare earth element (REE) estimate for its bauxite ore operations at its DL130 project in northern Tasmania. The firm said on Thursday that a new result gleaned from a new drill hole showed a grade of...


ABx Boasts 121,300t of Sale-Ready Bauxite With More to Come From Fingal Rail

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited released its quarterly activities report for the first quarter 2017 yesterday. ABx says it sits atop 121,300 metric tons of bauxite available for purchase, and has received half a dozen expressions of interest in long-term purchase arrangements from customers in four different countries. The bauxite available includes product stockpiles of 35,500 […]

ABx Releases Q3 Numbers

Australian Bauxite Limited released third-quarter results yesterday. The report showcased the firm’s continuing uptick in sales and production. According to the report, current group available cash is approximately A$2.4 million, plus available lines of credit in the event further working capital becomes necessary. The firm says it does not plan to raise capital in the […]

ABx Continues Above-Market Sales of Fertilizer-Grade Bauxite

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited announced yesterday that it continues to sell fertilizer-grade bauxite, and it boasts that the sales the firm has been making in recent months have been above prices in the fertilizer-grade bauxite markets that they characterize as being oversupplied. Although the firm points out that fertilizer-grade bauxite sales are seasonal and affected […]

ABx Posts Strong Numbers for the First Half of 2016

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited released results for the first half of 2016 on Monday. The firm turned in significantly better numbers in the half compared to the first half of 2015. ABx reported a revenue for the half of just under A$4 million, an improvement year-on-year from last year’s total of A$911,098. The firm’s profit […]

ABx Increases Bauxite Estimate at Fingal Rail by Over Five Times

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited announced a significant resource increase at its Fingal Rail Bauxite Project yesterday. The firm’s new estimate is over five times the number given according to initial data. ABx said that when the data was examined at the project’s outset, the initial projection was that the project area contained approximately 1.18 million […]