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China Raises Questions on EU’s High-Carbon Import Tariffs

China Raises Questions on EU’s High-Carbon Import Tariffs

The European Union (EU) is weighing implementing extra charges on certain imported goods like steel and cement. However, the People’s Republic of China, a major trade partner, has voiced concerns and wants the EU to double-check with global trade guidelines set by...


Norsk Hydro Joins Chorus Of Aluminium Smelters Seeking Sanctions On Russian Aluminium

Norway鈥檚 aluminium titan Norsk Hydro ASA called for sanctions on Russian aluminium from the United States and the European Union yesterday, citing the spike in energy costs and the unfair advantage that gives Russian aluminium producers who are not experiencing the same. Roughly half of the aluminium smelting capacity in Europe has been axed in […]

European Aluminium Welcomes Relief From EU On High Energy Prices, But Warns More Is Needed

Europe鈥檚 aluminium trade group lauded the European Union for its action to turn back high energy prices. However, the European Aluminium Association warned that the measures are only the first step in tackling the problem. The association said that the short-term measures, which include efforts at reducing electricity demand and redistributing financial resources to customers […]

European Aluminium Backs EU Campaign To Reduce Reliance On Russian Petroleum

The European Aluminium Association lauded the European Union last week on its initiative aimed at reducing the continent鈥檚 dependence upon Russian fossil fuels. In a position paper released by the Association, the organization voiced its support for the 鈥淪ave Gas for a Safe Winter鈥 program that they say will help alleviate high electrical prices and […]

Russia Warns That Transitioning To Renewables Too Quickly May Spike Aluminium Prices

The Russian Federation is amenable to switching its power sources to renewables, but any such transition will be gradual so as not to spike power prices and, by extension, the industries that rely upon them heavily, including aluminium smelting. Such was the message conveyed by the country鈥檚 Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Snikkars earlier this week. […]