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US Asks For Unlikely Exemption From EU Carbon Border Levy For Aluminium, Other Metals

US Asks For Unlikely Exemption From EU Carbon Border Levy For Aluminium, Other Metals

The United States government is appealing to the European Union to be exempt from its carbon border levy this week, a move that experts say is likely to throw a wrench in talks for an overarching agreement on imports of aluminium and...


European Aluminium Backs EU Campaign To Reduce Reliance On Russian Petroleum

The European Aluminium Association lauded the European Union last week on its initiative aimed at reducing the continent鈥檚 dependence upon Russian fossil fuels. In a position paper released by the Association, the organization voiced its support for the 鈥淪ave Gas for a Safe Winter鈥 program that they say will help alleviate high electrical prices and […]

Russia Warns That Transitioning To Renewables Too Quickly May Spike Aluminium Prices

The Russian Federation is amenable to switching its power sources to renewables, but any such transition will be gradual so as not to spike power prices and, by extension, the industries that rely upon them heavily, including aluminium smelting. Such was the message conveyed by the country鈥檚 Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Snikkars earlier this week. […]

European Union Levies Tariffs Of Up To 18.2 Percent On Aluminium Foil From China

New import tariffs on aluminium foil from the People鈥檚 Republic of China are in the offing, as the European Commission found this week that Chinese producers received unfair and excessive state subsidies. The EU鈥檚 official journal noted the action, revealing that the tariffs apply to certain aluminium converter foil from China. Rates will be between […]

European Aluminium Calls Upon Continent鈥檚 Governments For Cooperation On Sustainability Goals

Brussels trade group European Aluminium Association released its plan for sustainability in the continent鈥檚 aluminium sector earlier this week. The plan aligns with the recently-established global goals for sustainable economic production set out by international treaties and the United Nations. Noting the pivotal position in which the continent鈥檚 aluminium sector finds itself, European Aluminium notes […]

European Aluminium Association Calls For Stronger Trade Policy At 40th Anniversary Assembly

Aluminium trade group European Aluminium Association conducted its general assembly this week, marking the 40th year of representing the continent鈥檚 aluminium sector. In comments at the event, EA chair Ingrid J枚rg pressed the EU for improvements including a stronger industrial policy, noting the imbalanced trade practices and the relatively paltry offerings for green energy available […]