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EU Urged to Recognize Aluminium’s Strategic Importance

EU Urged to Recognize Aluminium’s Strategic Importance

A collective of raw materials and clean technology producers, alongside defence and aerospace manufacturers, recently made an appeal to policymakers asking for aluminium to be added to the Strategic Raw Materials list under the Critical Raw Materials Act. Their request reflects growing...


European Aluminium Lauds European Commission For Implementing Anti-Dumping Duties On China鈥檚 Flat-Rolled Aluminium Imports

Aluminium trade group European Aluminium applauded the European Commission last week for its decision to end the nine-month suspension of anti-dumping duties on aluminium flat-rolled products from producers in the People鈥檚 Republic of China. The EC concluded in an investigation last year that Chinese producers dumped aluminium flat-rolled products on the continent in recent years […]

European Aluminium Calls For Bold Action On Sustainable Power Production

Trade group European Aluminium Association began its spring meeting in Brussels with a call to Europe鈥檚 governments to back a strong movement to develop sustainable energy development. The first event of the spring meeting, which was the first in-person meeting hosted by European Aluminium in two years, entitled 鈥淔it for net-zero: Industrial decarbonisation in an […]

Global Aluminium Trade Groups Call On G7 To Rein In Chinese Subsidies

Last week the Aluminum Association, European Aluminium, the Aluminium Association of Canada, and the Japan Aluminium Association came together to release Towards a Fairer and Cleaner Trade in Aluminium, a policymaker briefing that details the manifest harm exacted by state subsidies of aluminium production by the People鈥檚 Republic of China to the global economy and […]

European Aluminium Releases Mid-Term Review Of 2025 Sustainability Goals

Trade group European Aluminium Association released its mid-term review of its Sustainability Roadmap Towards 2025 this week, detailing the progress made and work yet to be completed on the task of achieving sustainable aluminium production on the continent. Initiated in 2015, the Roadmap has served as a guide for the European aluminium sector to achieving […]

European Aluminium Calls Upon Continent鈥檚 Governments For Cooperation On Sustainability Goals

Brussels trade group European Aluminium Association released its plan for sustainability in the continent鈥檚 aluminium sector earlier this week. The plan aligns with the recently-established global goals for sustainable economic production set out by international treaties and the United Nations. Noting the pivotal position in which the continent鈥檚 aluminium sector finds itself, European Aluminium notes […]