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US Trade Rep Tai Hopeful Of Breaking Impasse With EU On Aluminium And Steel Tariffs

US Trade Rep Tai Hopeful Of Breaking Impasse With EU On Aluminium And Steel Tariffs

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said last week she had high hopes for the current negotiations between the United States and Europe over putting to bed an ongoing dispute over aluminium and steel tariffs. “The conversations are intensive,” Tai said to reporters...


EU May Implement Safeguard Measures on Aluminium by July: Malmstrom

Despite needing nine months for a full investigation into the matter, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom told Reuters earlier this week that preliminary safeguards to protect the continent鈥檚 aluminium industry against the Trump administration鈥檚 aluminium tariff may only be a few weeks away. “We can take pre-measures in July already. This is what we are […]

Trump Administration Offering EU Choice of Quotas or Tariffs on Aluminium Imports

Hope for a deal on aluminium and steel tariffs between the Trump administration and the European Union may be fading fast, as insiders say that the White House is weighing slicing imports of the same from the EU by a tenth. Per Poland’s Entrepreneurship and Technology Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz, the administration is likely to offer […]

European Commission Readies Retaliatory Tariffs if No Deal on Aluminium Duties is Reached

With the threat of the lapse of the European Union鈥檚 temporary exemption from the Trump administration鈥檚 blanket 10-percent tariffs looming, the European Commission released a laundry list of products upon which it intends to levy retaliatory sanctions should a long-term exemption not be granted. The Commission released the list on Friday, which includes tariffs of […]

EU Set to Take Trump Aluminium Tariffs to the WTO: European Aluminium

According to Europe鈥檚 leading aluminium trade group, the continent鈥檚 political and economic union is poised to take action against the United States over the Trump administration鈥檚 blanket 10-percent tariffs on aluminium. In an email to Reuters earlier this week, European Aluminium revealed that the European Union is racing to begin countermeasures against the lately-enacted aluminium […]