EGA Launches UAE’s Largest Aluminium Recycling Facility

EGA Launches UAE’s Largest Aluminium Recycling Facility

In a significant development for the aluminium industry, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) has commenced construction of the United Arab Emirates’ largest aluminium recycling plant. The new facility, located next to EGA’s existing smelter in Al Taweelah, represents a major step in the...


Emirates Global Aluminium Agrees To US$137.5 MM Credit Facility Tied To Term SOFR

Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) announced this week that it has entered into a new US$137.5 million revolving credit facility that is tied to the new Term Secured Overnight Funding Rate (SOFR). Per the firm, SOFR is an emerging replacement for the long-standard US dollar London Interbank Offering Rate. Though long accepted as the gold […]

EGA Retires US$361 MM In Indebtedness Early In 2021

Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) announced last week the full repayment ahead of schedule of the project finance facilities that funded its aluminium smelter at Al Taweelah in Abu Dhabi. EGA retired the debt to 13 export credit agencies totaling US$361 million that was negotiated by its subsidiary Emirates Aluminium. The instruments funded phases one […]

EGA Completes Refurbishment At Al-Taweelah Aluminium Smelter’s Potline 3

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) completed a major refurbishment of its Potline 3 at the Al-Taweelah aluminium smelter, having relined the reduction cells after several years of use. According to the firm, the over 400 reduction cells were also augmented with new steel collector bars with copper inserts, which are intended to improve performance at the […]

EGA Ships First Bauxite From Guinea Mines

Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) announced yesterday the first exports of bauxite ore from its mines in the West African state of Guinea under the auspices of Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC). Per EGA, the commencement of bauxite ore shipments marks the beginning of the company’s status as an integrated aluminium major. The opening of this […]