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Aluminum Association Calls Upon Trump to Level Playing Field with China

Aluminum Association Calls Upon Trump to Level Playing Field with China

North American aluminium industry trade group the Aluminum Association reacted to news that the long-awaited results of the United States Commerce Department’s Section 232 investigation into the national security implications of the current state of aluminium imports were delivered to the desk...


Awaiting US Tariffs on Aluminium Imports

US tariffs for imported aluminium are looming and seem increasingly unavoidable, as China continues its record levels of production. The latest figures coming out of China on aluminium production and exports are discouraging for those who expected China would start decreasing production, if not to tackle air pollution then at least to show good will […]

Australia Aluminium Producers Win Exemption from Coming United States Tariffs

Thanks to talks among trade officials from Australia and the United States on the sidelines of the late G20 summit in Germany, stringent aluminium tariffs expected to be handed down by the Trump administration will exempt aluminium producers from Down Under. Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and finance minister Mathias Cormann met privately with Treasury […]

Aluminium Anti-Dumping Bill to Come “Soon”: U.S. President Trump

United States president Donald Trump told reporters yesterday that legislation to address dumping of aluminium on the U.S. market will emerge “soon.” Trump gave no further details on the legislation or a more precise timeframe. However, such a revelation took few experts by surprise, as taking action to protect (and, in some cases, resurrect) the […]

Trump’s Argument Against Cheap Chinese Aluminium Has Merit: Glencore CEO

The CEO of Anglo-Swiss miner and commodities firm Glencore plc told a Florida audience that United States president Donald Trump “has a point” in calling out the powers that be in Beijing over their policies regarding the production and export of aluminium and steel. Ivan Glasenberg spoke as part of a Bloomberg Television panel at […]