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Japan PM Abe to Discuss Aluminium Tariffs with U.S. President Trump Later This Month

Japan PM Abe to Discuss Aluminium Tariffs with U.S. President Trump Later This Month

The administration of United States President Donald Trump announced on Monday that it would be engaging in face-to-face talks with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe over the two countries’ trade relationship later this month. Per a press release on the subject disseminated...


New Zealand Petitions Trump for Exemption from Aluminium Tariffs

New Zealand’s government has added its name to the list of countries seeking an exemption from the coming 10-percent aluminium tariffs to be imposed upon imports into the United States later this month. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told domestic media in a press conference earlier this week that her country has a “strong case” to […]

Former Noranda Smelter in Missouri to Restart Two Potlines This Year

Spurred on by hopes that U.S. President Donald Trump’s 10-percent aluminium tariffs will usher in a better landscape for the production and sale of primary aluminium, the shuttered smelter formerly owned by Noranda Aluminum in the bootheel region of Missouri announced on Friday the restart of two of its three idled potlines. Magnitude 7 Metals […]

Australia Wins Exception to Trump’s 10-Percent Aluminium Tariffs

Australian Aluminium exporters breathed a sigh of relief this weekend after United States President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that they will be immune to Trump’s 10-percent tariffs upon imported aluminium. President Trump announced via Twitter late in the business day on Friday that the countries’ two governments had reached an […]

Century CEO: Trump Aluminium Tariffs Make Hawesville Capacity Restart Possible

Though the opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump’s invocation of an across-the-board 10-percent tariff upon all aluminium imports has been nearly unanimous, the country’s most prolific producer of primary aluminium went on record last week to say the tariffs are likely to benefit the firm to such a degree that the restart of a significant […]

Trump Grants Canada and Mexico Temporary Reprieve from Blanket Aluminium Tariffs

Despite a week of withering criticism from overseas aluminium interests and a vast swath of his own party’s membership, United States President Donald Trump executed the documents placing into effect a blanket 10-percent tariff upon all imports of aluminium entering the country. The tariffs, which will commence on March 23, will apply to all countries […]