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Hongqiao Appoints Third Audit Firm for 2016 Financials

Hongqiao Appoints Third Audit Firm for 2016 Financials

The next chapter in the ongoing saga surrounding China Hongqiao Group’s yet-to-be-released 2016 financials was revealed yesterday in the form of a press release announcing the engagement of the third auditing firm to be charged with the task. Hongqiao filed the announcement...


More Capacity Cuts Could Be On the Horizon for China’s Aluminium Sector

Experts are expecting the other shoe to fall after suspending the construction of two million metric tons per annum in aluminium smelting capacity in China’s far west. The closure of smelters run by Xinjiang East Hope Ferrous Metals Co. Ltd., Xinjiang Qiya Energy Aluminium Electric Co. Ltd., and Xinjiang Jiarun Resources Co. Ltd. on April […]

Hongqiao Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Short Seller Emerson

Embattled Chinese aluminium firm China Hongqiao Group opened a new front in the war against short-seller Emerson Analytics this week when it began a defamation action against the firm in Hong Kong’s High Court. According to a report by Bloomberg, Hongqiao is pursuing an order from the court enjoining Emerson from publishing another report on […]