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CITIC Throws Hongqiao a US$1.02 Billion Lifeline

CITIC Throws Hongqiao a US$1.02 Billion Lifeline

The world’s biggest aluminium company is soon to receive a US$1.02 billion shot in the arm from the People’s Republic of China’s state-owned investment company. According to an article in the South China Morning Post, China Hongqiao Group has agreed to sell...


Hongqiao Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Short Seller Emerson

Embattled Chinese aluminium firm China Hongqiao Group opened a new front in the war against short-seller Emerson Analytics this week when it began a defamation action against the firm in Hong Kong’s High Court. According to a report by Bloomberg, Hongqiao is pursuing an order from the court enjoining Emerson from publishing another report on […]

Metal Fatigue – Has China Hongqiao’s Weiqiao Model Run Its Course?

The world’s largest aluminium company finds its finances again in question after being suspended from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. China Hongqiao Group Limited saw the trading of its shares halted Wednesday morning, one day after announcing that the publication of its annual results would be delayed. According to the relevant filing, Hongqiao advised the […]