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Ernst & Young Quits as Hongqiao’s Auditor

Ernst & Young Quits as Hongqiao’s Auditor

The world’s largest aluminium producer hit yet another speed bump on the road to releasing 2016’s financials after its independent auditor resigned late last week. China Hongqiao Group made the announcement on Friday in conformance with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s rules. According to...


Dangerous Smog May Jeopardize Aluminium Production Levels in China

A blanket of smog has descended upon almost two dozen major cities in the People’s Republic of China this week. The government’s reaction to the environmental crisis has affected all walks of life, including a possible effect upon the country’s aluminium production. Weather forecasters predict dangerous levels of smog for the cities of Beijing and […]

Hongqiao Denies Allegations of Improprieties by Anonymous Short Seller

A short seller has come forward with allegations that China Hongqiao Group is reaping significant profit margins by distributing a hefty and unsustainable debt load to companies it says are intimately related to its founder and other top company men. According to an article in Financial Times, an anonymous short seller has published a report […]

Chalco’s First-Half Results Up Thanks to Bump in Global Aluminium Prices

State-backed Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd (Chalco) published results for the first half of 2016 on Thursday. The firm posted an increase in profits thanks to a modest recovery in the global aluminium market. The firm posted a net profit of US$8.62 million in the first six months of the year, which is a significant […]