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U.S. Customs Considering Tariffs Change to Combat Fake Semis

U.S. Customs Considering Tariffs Change to Combat Fake Semis

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is working with the American aluminium industry to change aluminium tariffs in a manner designed to staunch the flow of fake semis from China into the global aluminium market. As previously detailed in these pages, major Chinese...


Q1 Customs Data Shows China’s Illicit Trade in Fake Semis Continues to Grow

Customs data for the export of aluminium semis from the People’s Republic of China for the first quarter of this year are in. The numbers show an interesting trend – although the total year-on-year exports dropped, the flow into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam increased significantly. According to numbers obtained by Aluminium Insider, exports of […]

USW Drops Effort to Enact 50% Aluminium Tariff to Combat China’s Flooding

United States labor union United Steelworkers (USW) has abandoned its petition to the US government asking for a 50% tariff on imported aluminium. USW originally made the filing with the United States International Trade Commission for emergency protection as a response to the People’s Republic of China flooding the global market with cheap aluminium ingots […]

US Government to Investigate Imports of Cheap Aluminium, Including Fake Semis

The United States International Trade Commission announced on Wednesday that it is launching an investigation of the country’s aluminium industry and worldwide trade in aluminium, which experts say is in response to, among other things, the People’s Republic of China’s practice of trading in fake semis. The ITC’s investigation is the first step in the […]

EXCLUSIVE – Traffic in Fake Semis Surged Through Vietnam in 2015

According to data Aluminium Insider has obtained from a source with knowledge of the aluminium industry in the People’s Republic of China, the trade in semi-formed aluminium exported from the country rose by 600,000 metric tons in 2015, to 4.2 million metric tons, up from 3.6 million metric tons in 2014. However, it looks like that this […]