China bauxite demand

Bauxite Imports To China Jump By 68.2 Percent In April

Bauxite Imports To China Jump By 68.2 Percent In April

Per Customs data released earlier this week, imports of bauxite to the Middle Kingdom rose significantly last month, surpassing totals for the previous month and year by double digits. Beijing reported a total of 9.77 million metric tons of bauxite ore were...


Alcoa of Australia Ships First Bauxite from Western Australia

Alcoa of Australia has loaded the first shipment of bauxite from its operations in Western Australia. Hailed as a milestone by the company, the shipment is headed to an alumina refinery in the People’s Republic of China. The event, held at the Perth suburb of Kwinana, consisted of 47,000 metric tons from Alcoa of Australia’s […]

Rio Tinto’s Aluminium and Bauxite Chief Sees Bright Future for Both Sectors

The chief executive of Rio Tinto’s Aluminium product group Alf Barrios recently spoke about the future of his company’s bauxite and aluminium operations. Although frank about the problems in the sector last year, Barrios was upbeat about the current status and future outlook for aluminium and its precursor ore. Barrios admitted that 2015 was a […]

Aluminium Wrap – 21st CRU World Aluminium Conference 2016

The 21st CRU World Aluminium Conference 2016 took place between May 9-11 in Shanghai, China. As the setting was the Middle Kingdom, many of the speakers’ presentations were oriented to the subject. What follows are a few highlights of presentations delivered at the conference by two of CRU’s experts. CRU’s Michael Insulán delivered a presentation on […]