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China Weighing Aluminium Production Cuts in Wake of Trade Summit with Trump: Industry Sources

China Weighing Aluminium Production Cuts in Wake of Trade Summit with Trump: Industry Sources

According to domestic industry sources, the government of the People’s Republic of China is pondering a clampdown on major polluters in its aluminium industry. The talk of environmental crackdowns in the aluminium industry arose after China’s premier Xi Jinping and United States’...


Beijing Scales Back Aluminium, Steel Production in Battle Against Winter Smog

According to a report from China’s central government, production of steel and aluminium by producers in over two dozen cities will drop significantly over the winter months. The move is seen as another salvo in the ongoing battle against smog. The document, which is a joint statement from the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), Finance […]

China Xingfa Resumes Trading After Announcing Privatization Plans

Shares of China Xingfa Aluminium resumed trading on Friday after remaining idle for over a week on the announcement that the state-owned enterprise would soon be de-listing from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Representatives from the firm filed an announcement on Thursday indicating that the aluminium smelter is planning to privatize. Its majority shareholder, the […]

World Leaders Have Harsh Words for China’s Overcapacity at G20 Summit

The 2016 G20 Hangzhou summit concluded yesterday, and the continually problematic overcapacity in China’s metals industry attracted the attention of the assembled world leaders. Along with the global focus on steel, the continuing glut in China’s aluminium production came into the crosshairs as well. The relevant portion of the official communique, published late last night […]

China to Increase Aluminium Consumption by One Fifth over Next Three Years: CNIA

An aluminium industry group in the People’s Republic of China said that the country plans to increase domestic aluminium demand by eighteen percent over the next three years. Increases are expected to come from the use of high-end products in construction and transportation. The China Nonferrous Industry Association said on Tuesday that the Middle Kingdom […]