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Indian Smelters Gearing Up to Take On Flood of Chinese Aluminium

Indian Smelters Gearing Up to Take On Flood of Chinese Aluminium

India’s aluminium companies are rebooting in an effort to combat the flooding of their domestic market by the government-subsidized smelters in the People’s Republic of China. Hindalco currently owns 46% of the domestic aluminium market share, but imports from China fill the...


Six Major Chinese Smelters Agree to Cut Production if Aluminium Falls Below US$1,717

According to sources with knowledge of the events, six of the People’s Republic of China’s major smelters agreed to cut production in the event that aluminium prices drop below US$1,717 per metric ton. China’s Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) held the meeting yesterday with several of the major players in the domestic aluminium industry to […]

China’s Aluminium and Alumina Imports Declined in December

According to newly-released customs data, the People’s Republic of China imported 4,500 metric tons of primary aluminum last December, which represents a decrease of 11,700 metric tons from the month previous. Experts believe the decline in imports is partly due to the Chinese renminbi’s depreciation, and partly due to the December holidays. According to some […]

China’s Automobile Industry Fosters Rise in Aluminium Use in November

China’s automotive industry consumed about 325,000 metric tons of aluminium in the production of 2.54 million units in November of last year, according to official numbers published on and quoted from SCI99. This marks an improvement of 16.2 per cent from October 2015 and a rise of 17.8 per cent from November of 2014. […]