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Power Woes Across China Predicted To Push Short-Term Aluminium Demand

Power Woes Across China Predicted To Push Short-Term Aluminium Demand

An industry analyst last week noted the continuing power shortage in the People’s Republic of China and forecast that the situation is likely to bump demand for both aluminium and copper in the coming months. According to a report released by ANZ,...


Chinese Aluminium Firms Ordered To Cut Carbon Dioxide Output By 18 Percent By 2025

Last week the Chinese government tasked state-owned enterprises to cut their energy consumption per CN¥10,000 (US$1,570) by 15 percent and their carbon dioxide output by 18 percent by 2025. The move is part of a wider push to drive energy-intensive industries including aluminium and steel to reach the energy-efficiency standards Beijing set out earlier in […]

European Union Levies Tariffs Of Up To 18.2 Percent On Aluminium Foil From China

New import tariffs on aluminium foil from the People’s Republic of China are in the offing, as the European Commission found this week that Chinese producers received unfair and excessive state subsidies. The EU’s official journal noted the action, revealing that the tariffs apply to certain aluminium converter foil from China. Rates will be between […]

Beijing Releases Another 70 Thousand Metric Tons Of Primary Aluminium

The People’s Republic of China released another 70 thousand metric tons of aluminium yesterday in yet another effort at bringing down metals prices and increasing supply. Beijing’s release of metals was the fourth such release this year. Also released on Saturday was 50 thousand metric tons of zinc and 30 thousand metric tons of copper. […]