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NE China’s Planned 10 Million Tonne Alumina Smelter Canceled After Public Comment

NE China’s Planned 10 Million Tonne Alumina Smelter Canceled After Public Comment

A city in the People’s Republic of China’s northeastern industrial heartland has quashed plans for a new alumina-refining project due to negative feedback from the public. Reporting from Reuters indicates that the $US3.4 billion project planned for Chaoyang in Liaoning province was...


China’s Alumina Output to Increase by 6.65 MMT in 2017

The People’s Republic of China’s state-run metals consultancy firm Beijing Antaike declared that the country’s alumina capacity would rise by 6.65 million metric tons per annum by the end of this year. Refineries in north, central, and northwest China are expected to lead the charge. Industrial heavyweights Shandong and Henan are forecast to add 2 […]

Beijing Floating Aluminium Capacity Cuts to Combat Smog

Protection intended to fight air pollution was circulated among members of the China Nonferrous Industry Association. Deutsche Bank, citing the Chinese website Sina, said the proposed regulation, known formally as “2017 Air pollution prevention and control plan in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and surrounding areas,” would reduce capacity in a region that houses over one third […]

China’s Aluminium and Alumina Imports Declined in December

According to newly-released customs data, the People’s Republic of China imported 4,500 metric tons of primary aluminum last December, which represents a decrease of 11,700 metric tons from the month previous. Experts believe the decline in imports is partly due to the Chinese renminbi’s depreciation, and partly due to the December holidays. According to some […]