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Quartet Of NE China Cities Announce Cancellation Of Alumina Projects

Quartet Of NE China Cities Announce Cancellation Of Alumina Projects

Only days after the announcement by one northeastern Chinese city’s announcement that it would not go forward with what was planned to be the biggest alumina refinery on Earth, four more cities in the province announced that their own plans for alumina...


Beijing Scales Back Aluminium, Steel Production in Battle Against Winter Smog

According to a report from China’s central government, production of steel and aluminium by producers in over two dozen cities will drop significantly over the winter months. The move is seen as another salvo in the ongoing battle against smog. The document, which is a joint statement from the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), Finance […]

Beijing Floating Aluminium Capacity Cuts to Combat Smog

Protection intended to fight air pollution was circulated among members of the China Nonferrous Industry Association. Deutsche Bank, citing the Chinese website Sina, said the proposed regulation, known formally as “2017 Air pollution prevention and control plan in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and surrounding areas,” would reduce capacity in a region that houses over one third […]

Dangerous Smog May Jeopardize Aluminium Production Levels in China

A blanket of smog has descended upon almost two dozen major cities in the People’s Republic of China this week. The government’s reaction to the environmental crisis has affected all walks of life, including a possible effect upon the country’s aluminium production. Weather forecasters predict dangerous levels of smog for the cities of Beijing and […]