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Federal Judge Rejects Century Aluminum’s Antitrust Argument in Case Against Santee Cooper

Federal Judge Rejects Century Aluminum’s Antitrust Argument in Case Against Santee Cooper

Century Aluminum finds itself in a precarious position after a court hearing on Friday in which the presiding judge affirmed that Santee Cooper is exempt from antitrust laws. The affirmation was made by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel in the course...


Is Winter Coming for Iceland’s Aluminium Smelters?

Despite its location far north of the ecliptic and far distant from the world’s major industrial centers, Iceland has developed a robust and inexpensive energy infrastructure. The island’s location astride two major diverging tectonic plates and atop a massive mantle plume supplies it with an essentially inexhaustible supply of geothermal energy. Centuries-long use of hot […]

Less Red Ink in Century Aluminum’s Q1 Results

Chicago’s Century Aluminum released results for the first quarter of 2017 on Tuesday, posting significantly smaller losses than in the quarter previous. The firm shipped 186,396 metric tons of primary aluminium in the quarter, an increase of roughly three thousand metric tons over the prior quarter. Revenue in the quarter totaled US$365.8 million, up from […]

US President Trump Orders Investigation Into Aluminium Imports

American president Donald Trump is expected to direct his administration to expedite an investigation launched by the Commerce Department yesterday to determine whether aluminium imports endanger national security. The Commerce Department initiated an investigation into aluminium imports pursuant to Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, which grants the president the ability to […]

Century Aluminum Reports Lower Numbers for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2016

Chicago’s Century Aluminum reported financial numbers for the fourth quarter and full year of 2016 on Thursday. The firm’s totals were down across the board for both periods due to plant closures and a settlement to a medical class-action suit. The firm reported a US$168.5 million net loss in the fourth quarter, down year-on-year from […]

Century Aluminum Agrees to Fund Ravenswood Retiree Benefits

Century Aluminum and retirees from the firm’s Ravenswood plant have come to an agreement regarding payment of the latter’s retirement funds. United Steelworkers announced the agreement on Friday. The agreement, which bears a date of February 9, has Century funding a trust fund with US$23 million for reimbursement of certain past and future medical and […]