Bukit Goh

Pahang Bauxite Ban Extended Through End Of March

Pahang Bauxite Ban Extended Through End Of March

Though the calendar has changed, the situation for bauxite miners in Pahang remains the same, at least through the opening quarter of the new year, as Malaysia’s government extended yet again the moratorium on bauxite mining. The Water, Land and Natural Resources...


In Pahang, One Farmer’s Crops Show Agricultural Recovery is Possible

Questions of an agricultural future for Pahang’s Bukit Goh have been answered for at least one local farmer according to an interview in a Malaysian newspaper. Surin Deris, a 68-year-old farmer and first generation settler in Tanah Rancangan Pemuda (RTP) Bukit Goh, has a plot full of banana trees, cassava, oil palm, sweet potatoes, lemongrass, […]

Malaysian Government Says Affected Land Could Be Industrial Park

A representative of Malaysia’s Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) said last week that land used at the Bukit Goh palm oil plantation may be suitable for development into an industrial park if it is found to no longer be suitable for use in palm oil cultivation. State Felda affairs committee chairperson Abu Bakar Harun indicated […]