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Beijing Says Aluminium Production Rebounded By 3.9 Percent In November Despite Falling Prices

Beijing Says Aluminium Production Rebounded By 3.9 Percent In November Despite Falling Prices

Despite falling prices in the year’s penultimate month, shipments of primary aluminium in November bested totals from both last month and the previous year. Per numbers released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Friday, the Middle Kingdom shipped 2.82 million metric...


Xinjiang East Hope Cited By Beijing For Illegal Aluminium Smelting Capacity

Spot prices for aluminium in the People’s Republic of China rallied today after news broke that 200 metric tons per annum in illegal smelting capacity under construction by Xinjiang East Hope that was ordered shut down last year by the local government in Xinjiang was recently found by government inspectors to still be under construction. […]

Chinalco Inks Partnership With Yunnan Aluminium for Access to 1.6 MTPA Smelting Capacity

A partnership announced yesterday by Yunnan Aluminium between Aluminum Corp of China (Chinalco) and Yunnan Metallurgical Group will see the emergence of a new Chinalco with greater access to the significant hydropower resources of Yunnan province. Per an agreement signed in Kunming on Sunday, Yunnan Metallurgical Group, owner of Yunnan Aluminum Co Ltd., is to […]

China’s Henan Province Ousts Neighboring Shandong Province As Aluminium Leader

Data released yesterday by the People’s Republic of China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that, for the first time in years, Henan province’s output of primary aluminium surpassed that of neighboring Shandong province, becoming the country’s premier aluminium-producing region. According to NBS data, smelters in Henan province combined to produce 12.12 million metric tons […]

China’s Aluminium Production in December Up by 15.3 Percent From Previous Month

The People’s Republic of China’s aluminium production came roaring back in December to levels not seen since early summer according to numbers released by the government on Thursday. China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) revealed that the Middle Kingdom produced 2.71 million metric tons in the final month of 2017, good for a 15.3-percent rise […]