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BMW Becomes First Customer For EGA’s CelestiAL-R Low Carbon Aluminium

BMW Becomes First Customer For EGA’s CelestiAL-R Low Carbon Aluminium

Emirates Global Aluminium announced last week that German automaker BMW Group has become its first buyer for its low-carbon aluminium CelestiAL-R. BMW plans to use the solar-powered recycled aluminium product to produce electric drivetrain housings, engine components, and large-scale structural parts. CelestiAL-R...


BMW Debuts New Recycled Aluminium Alloy Wheel For MINI Cooper

German automaker BMW Group said last week that its new MINI Cooper SE Convertible will feature alloy wheels made entirely from recycled aluminium. The model in question, which consumes 17.2kWh/100 km while releasing 0 g/km of carbon, will be the first series model to be offered with recycled aluminium alloy wheels. The new wheels will […]

Rio Tinto To Supply BMW With Proprietary Zero-Carbon Aluminium

Anglo-Australian Rio Tinto Group has agreed to supply German automaker BMW AG with low-carbon aluminium this week. Rio Tinto will be supplying BMW’s production plant in South Carolina with ELYSIS carbon-free primary aluminium from Canada under the agreement. Rio Tinto’s carbon-free aluminium is produced using a process in which no carbon is emitted. Rather, ELYSIS […]

Rusal Debuts New Low-Carbon Product Utilizing Scrap Aluminium

Russian Federation aluminium giant UC Rusal announced this week that it has begun using end-of-life scrap aluminium for the production of foundry alloys for use in the automotive industry. Per the firm, Primary Equivalent Foundry Alloys (PEFA) consist of one-fifth aluminium scrap that is added into molten aluminium during production. Use of scrap aluminium is […]

Norsk Hydro Teams Up With Mercedes-Benz On Low-Carbon Technology Roadmap

Norway’s aluminium titan Norsk Hydro ASA has been chosen by Mercedes-Benz to collaborate on a common low-carbon technology roadmap beginning next year and running through the end of this decade. Hydro said the two firms will work on a joint-technology roadmap to develop aluminium solutions for the automotive sector that will have a CO2 footprint […]