Australian Bauxite Limited

ABx Announces Plans to Begin Large-Scale Production of Aluminium Fluoride by 2019

ABx Announces Plans to Begin Large-Scale Production of Aluminium Fluoride by 2019

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) released results for the just-ended quarter yesterday, as well as announcing plans to develop technology aimed at large-scale production of aluminium fluoride by the end of 2019. ABx reports cash on hand at the quarter’s end of A$242...


ABx Confirms Another 30,000 MT Bauxite Shipment of Tasmanian Ore

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced the sale of another significant quantity of bauxite ore today, confirming the sale of 30 thousand metric tons of the ore harvested from its mine at Bald Hill. ABx declined to identify the purchaser or the destination for which the cement-grade bauxite is headed. The ore will be shipped from […]

ABx to Take Next Step in Review of Bauxite Resources at Binjour

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited updated investors on the progress of its flagship project yesterday, advising them that the review of the resources at Binjour are soon to progress to their next logical step. According to ABx, marketing partner Rawmin Mining and Industries Pvt. Ltd has requested to advance with the review at Binjour the two […]

ABx Inks Deal for Second, Bigger Sale of Cement-Grade Bauxite to Familiar Customer

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited announced today the receipt of a letter of intent from an unnamed repeat customer for a “significant” quantity of cement-grade bauxite. According to ABx, representatives of its firm are in talks with the prospective purchasing firm regarding delivery of the bauxite, which is to be harvested from ABx’s Bald Hill Project […]

ABx Boasts 121,300t of Sale-Ready Bauxite With More to Come From Fingal Rail

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited released its quarterly activities report for the first quarter 2017 yesterday. ABx says it sits atop 121,300 metric tons of bauxite available for purchase, and has received half a dozen expressions of interest in long-term purchase arrangements from customers in four different countries. The bauxite available includes product stockpiles of 35,500 […]

Despite Tough Bauxite Market, ABx Turns In Improved Numbers in 2016

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited published financials for the year 2016 yesterday. The firm’s bottom line was appreciably improved for the year despite less-than-optimal conditions in the global bauxite market. ABx reported a total revenue for the year of A$4.1 million, an increase from 2015’s total of A$1.6 million. Loss after taxes totaled A$163,682, also better […]