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AEC Welcomes Aluminium Extrusion Transshipment Determination By U.S. Government Against Two Chinese Firms

AEC Welcomes Aluminium Extrusion Transshipment Determination By U.S. Government Against Two Chinese Firms

American aluminium trade group The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) yesterday greeted the news that the Federal government determined that imports from Chinese firm Sun Bright International Corporation and Fair Importing Corporation constitute illicit transshipment of extruded aluminium into the United States. Earlier...


Perfectus Aluminum Takes AEC to Task for “False Narrative” in Unpaid Duties Story

Perfectus Aluminum Inc. issued a scathing rebuttal to a story published by the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) late last week accusing the California firm of being pursued by the Federal government for unpaid import duties. In a press release issued Thursday evening, Perfectus’ marketing communications firm responded to a story posted to AEC’s blog identifying […]

U.S. Commerce Department Finds Chinese 5050 Aluminium Alloy Subject to Anti-Dumping Duties

The United States Department of Commerce issued its final determination in the investigation into alleged anti-dumping duty circumvention by major aluminium extruders from the People’s Republic of China on Friday, holding that the heat-treated 5050-grade aluminium alloy in question is subject to the duty “regardless of producer, exporter, or importer.” The investigation, which was launched […]

U.S. Commerce Department Extends Anti-Dumping Measures to Zhongwang’s 6xxx-Series Aluminium Alloy Pallets

The United States Department of Commerce announced the findings of its investigation of 6xxx-series aluminium alloy pallets imported into the country from the People’s Republic of China, declaring that such pallets fall under the scope of anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders issued late last year. Although the order covers all imports, the Commerce Department’s announcement […]

Aluminium Extruders Form New Advocacy Group

Aluminium extruders from several countries have come together to form a new trade group dedicated to promoting and defending fair trade practices in their industry. The newly-formed International Fair Trade Alliance (IFTA) was announced via press release on Tuesday. The non-profit organization’s mission is to assemble aluminium extrusion manufacturers and suppliers the world over to […]

Ohio’s US Senators Call for WTO Action Against Chinese Aluminum Firms

Ohio’s two United States senators issued a joint press release on Friday urging the United States Trade Representative to bring a World Trade Organization case against the People’s Republic of China over its aluminium overcapacity. The senators say that 15,000 American workers have lost their jobs in the industry over the last decade. “China has […]