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Audi Awarded ASI Chain of Custody Certification For Pair Of Automotive Plants

Audi Awarded ASI Chain of Custody Certification For Pair Of Automotive Plants

German automaker Audi AG announced yesterday that it has received the Chain of Custody certification from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) for sustainable aluminium. Audi is the first automaker to be certified by the ASI under its Chain of Custody standard. Dirk...


Hammerer Aluminium Plant In Romania Becomes Country’s First Site Certified By ASI

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) yesterday announced that Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI) has achieved ASI Performance Standard Provisional Certification for its plant at Romania’s HAI Santana S.R.L. The provisional certification covers the plant’s remelting and casting operations, as the plant is primarily engaged in the production of extrusion billets and rolling ingots derived from recycled […]

ASI Certifies Alu-Met GmbH’s Speedline Aluminium-Gießerei GmbH Under Sustainable Performance Standard

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) announced yesterday the certification of Alu-Met GmbH’s Speedline Aluminium-Gießerei GmbH in Schlins, Austria against the ASI Performance Standard for responsible aluminium production. The areas under certification are the plant’s casthouse and remelting operations, where the firm utilizes over 70 percent recycled aluminium feedstock. Speedline Aluminium-Gießerei boasts an annual production of […]

Alcoa Debuts World’s First Low-Carbon Smelter-Grade Alumina

American aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation announced last week an expansion of its low-carbon aluminium and alumina line Sustana. Per the firm, the line would expand by adding the industry’s first low-carbon, smelter-grade alumina EcoSource. Measured through the mining and refining process, EcoSource emits half the carbon dioxide equivalents per ton of alumina than the industry’s […]

ASI Certifies AMAG Ranshofen Under Its Chain of Custody Standard Certification

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) announced last week the certification of AMAG Austria Metall AG’s plant in Ranshofen, Austria against its ASI Chain of Custody Standard Certification. AMAG’s Ranshofen plant is the third of the company’s operations to be certified by ASI under its Performance Standard, which took place exactly two years ago this month. […]

EGA’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions 38 Percent Below Industry Average In 2019

Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) published its third annual Sustainability Report this week. The report details the firm’s environmental, social, and governance performance in 2019 for operations in the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Guinea. Per the firm, it had a greenhouse-gas-emissions intensity that was 38 percent below the industry average as published […]