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Aluminium Tariffs Are Bad, But Quotas Are Worse: Alcoa CEO Harvey

Aluminium Tariffs Are Bad, But Quotas Are Worse: Alcoa CEO Harvey

In light of reports that negotiators from the United States government are pushing for quotas to replace the Section 232 tariffs on aluminium and steel on imports from Mexico and Canada, Alcoa’s top man echoed sentiments made by negotiators in opposition to...


AEC Urges Trump Administration Against Aluminium Import Quotas

American aluminium trade group The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) announced yesterday that it has fallen in line with the Aluminum Association’s position against the administration of United States President Donald Trump’s push to impose quotas on imported primary aluminium. According to a statement issued on the organization’s website, such quotas, especially when coupled with sanctions […]

China Vows Retaliation if United States’ Response to Section 232 Aluminium Investigation Includes Tariffs

Describing the findings of the United States Commerce Department’s Section 232 investigation into aluminium and steel imports as “groundless” and inconsistent with the facts, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) aimed withering criticism on Saturday at the report and its conclusions. The MOC’s chief of trade remedy and investigation bureau Wang Hejun is cited in state-run […]

Aluminium Stakeholders Weigh In After Commerce Department’s Public Release of Section 232 Investigation Report

U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross released the department’s report on steel and aluminium imports investigated during the recent Section 232 national security investigation yesterday, in which the Department recommends a mix of tariffs and quotas on aluminium products entering from abroad, including from the People’s Republic of China. The reports, which were delivered […]