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Auto Industry Looks to Aluminum Extrusions for Increased Performance and Cost-Effective Solutions

Auto Industry Looks to Aluminum Extrusions for Increased Performance and Cost-Effective Solutions

Automakers are employing an effective way to slim down electric vehicles, just as they have lightened their traditional combustion-engine lineup. They’re using more high-strength aluminum to provide the needed lightweighting. And they intend to continue to use the distinct capabilities of extruded...


Aluminium from Novelis Trims 200 Lbs. From New 2018 Jeep Wrangler

Atlanta’s rolled and recycled aluminium firm Novelis Inc. revealed yesterday that the firm will be supplying aluminium for use in the manufacture of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL). The company said in a press release that FCA US LLC has contracted with the firm to provide aluminium for the production of a variety of parts, […]

Purdue Scientist Develop Aluminium Alloy with Strength Rivaling Stainless Steel

Scientists at Purdue University say they have developed a new aluminium alloy with strength comparable to stainless steel. According to researchers at the university’s School of Materials Engineering, altering the metal’s crystal lattice by introducing distortions known as “stacking faults,” or omitting a layer in the crystal’s atomic structure, can add strength to the metal […]

Novelis Brings Innovative Automotive Aluminium Alloy to North America

Atlanta’s rolled and recycled aluminium firm Novelis Inc. announced yesterday that it has made available Advanz 6HF – e/s200 aluminium alloy to North American clients. The alloy, which is intended for use in automotive applications, was originally (and successfully) introduced in Europe. According to Novelis, the 6xxx-series aluminium alloy is best suited to body sides, […]

Boeing HorizonX Announces Investment in Aluminium Innovator Gamma Alloys

The Boeing Company announced last week an investment by subsidiary Boeing HorizonX Ventures in Californian aluminium-alloy firm Gamma Alloys. Although no dollar amount was revealed in the announcement, the investment is the first by the Boeing project in advanced materials and machining development and applications. Steve Nordlund, vice president of Boeing HorizonX, explained that the […]

Aluminium May Be Winner in Likely EU Plan to Boost Electric Car Sector

According to sources who spoke to Reuters, the European Union will soon be considering a proposal to use carbon credits to entice automotive manufacturers into the aluminium-intensive electric car market rather than relying upon quotas alone. The sources, who were not identified by the news agency, indicated that a proposal will be introduced in just […]