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Australia Passes on Imposing Countervailing Duty on Aluminium Extrusions from Vietnam

Australia Passes on Imposing Countervailing Duty on Aluminium Extrusions from Vietnam

The Australian government has chosen not to impose a countervailing duty on aluminium extrusions shipped from Vietnam according to an announcement made by the Viet Nam Competition Authority (VCA) on Tuesday. According to the VCA, the Australia Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) made the...


Sapa to Introduce Welding Machine Capable of Producing Extra-Large Panels for Offshore Use

Norway’s Sapa AS announced an initiative yesterday to develop new machinery that produces large, light aluminium products for offshore and maritime applications. The machinery is of sufficient size to produce aluminium panels 59’ long and 11-1/2’ wide. The machinery in question is a large-scale friction stir welding machine installed at a plant in Finspång, Sweden […]

US Government Continues Anti-Dumping Duties Against China

The United States government is expected to maintain an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy order on aluminium extrusions from the People’s Republic of China, according to a Chinese government website. The “China Trade Remedy Information” website, which is operated by China’s Ministry of Commerce, posted an article Tuesday afternoon (Beijing time) indicating that the US Department of […]

Extruded Aluminium a Popular Choice as Nepal Rebuilds

The April 2015 7.8Mw earthquake in Nepal damaged hundreds of thousands of homes across the country. As the Nepalese continue to rebuild, many of them have chosen extruded aluminium doors and windows rather than traditional wood. “Previously wood was the first choice for doors and windows. Owing to high cost, the use of wood is […]

Sapa Sells Cuprochimique to European Metal Supplies

Norway’s Sapa Group announced yesterday that it has divested itself of metal trading company Cuprochimique NV. Belgian firm European Metal Supplies NV are the new owners of Cuprochimique as of Wednesday, June 22. “Together with Cuprochimque we will strengthen our position in the market by expanding our business range and diversifying our product portfolio,” said […]