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IAI Report Forecasts 40 Percent Leap In Primary Aluminium Demand Through 2030

IAI Report Forecasts 40 Percent Leap In Primary Aluminium Demand Through 2030

The International Aluminium Institute released a report this week predicting a jump of 40 percent in aluminium demand by the end of the decade, calculating that the global aluminium industry will need to boost overall primary aluminium production by 33.3 million metric...


Low-carbon Aluminium Boosts Industry’s Green Credentials

Global warming remains one of the leading critical global issues – emphasised in the last Paris accord and this month’s COP23 summit in Bonn. The carbon equivalent (CE), as a measure of how much CO2 is produced by any activity, is now accepted as a crucial major index of environmental performance, not least for the […]

The Electric Vehicle Revolution Will Spur Aluminium Demand

In stark contrast to previous editions, electric vehicles were all the rage at this year’s Frankfurt IAA, the world’s largest motor show. Many premium brand announced they would electrify entire series or that their fleets will be a mix of hybrid and battery-powered vehicles. Aiming to catch up to Tesla, European automakers are increasingly favouring […]

Aluminium Demand in United States and Canada Rose by 1.4% in April

Estimates just released by the Aluminum Association show an increase in demand for the metal increased year-on-year by 1.4% in April in the United States and Canada. According to the numbers, shipments by domestic producers plus imports of aluminium totaled 2.257 billion pounds in the fourth month of the year. Demand for semi-fabricated aluminium increased […]