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Alro Slatina Predicting Slimmer Bottom Line In 2019 Due To Rising Electrical Costs

Alro Slatina Predicting Slimmer Bottom Line In 2019 Due To Rising Electrical Costs

Though the firm expects a 2-percent bump in revenues this year, Romanian aluminium company Alro SA (Alro Slatina) warned last week that net profits for the year are likely to fall by 78 percent from last year’s level. A report released by...

Alro Sees 39% Jump in Q1 Net Profits Thanks to Rise in Aluminium Prices

Romanian aluminium company Alro SA (Alro Slatina) released first-quarter financials earlier this week, logging a jump in net profit of over one third from 2017. According to commentary by domestic media, Alro witnessed a 39-percent rise in net profit year-on-year to RON125 million (US$31.8 million). Sales also rose in the quarter, showing a 10-percent bump […]

Romania’s Alum Tulcea Inks US$25-MM Loan for New Projects

Alum Tulcea, a subsidiary of Romanian aluminium company Alro SA (Alro Slatina) and Romania’s most prolific producer of calcined aluminium, has successfully negotiated US$25 million in loans with two regional financial institutions in order to fund projects to develop new products and increase energy efficiency. According to local media, the firm signed loans with Garanti […]

Alro Slatina Inks Three-Year, US$167 MM Credit Facility

Romanian aluminium company Alro SA (Alro Slatina) announced earlier this week the execution of a three-year, US$167 million (€140.7 million) credit facility for financing working capital. The deal, which is managed by Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank International A.G. and its local affiliate Raiffeisen Bank Romania, will be financed by several European banks, including OTP Bank Romania, […]

Alro to Invest €100 Million in Profitable Green Aluminium-Smelting Technology

Romanian aluminium company Alro SA announced last week that it plans to invest €100 million (US$118 million) in improvements to its aluminium-smelting operations aimed at boosting energy efficiency and reducing specific consumption. The plan, dubbed the “Green Factory” concept, consists of implementing existing environmentally-responsible technologies that still allow the profitable production of aluminium. Alro says […]

No threat of closure for South East Europe’s smelters in near future

Latest on SEE primary aluminium industry In the Balkan region, there are currently five operational smelters producing some 610,000 tonnes of primary aluminium a year, with total capacity of 672,000 tonnes/year. However, production has decreased by over 180,000 tonnes in 2015, compared to 2006. Today, there are just over 6000 workers employed compared to over […]