Alexey Arnautov

Rusal Joint Venture Aluminium Wire Cable Factory Begins Production

Rusal Joint Venture Aluminium Wire Cable Factory Begins Production

Russian Federation aluminium giant U.C. Rusal announced on Thursday the commencement of production at Bogolsovsk Cable Factory (BCF), an aluminium alloy core wire production facility in which it is a partner with ELKA-Cable Group. Elements of the factory had entered production previously,...


Rusal Partners with ELKA-Cable to Build Cable Plant

Russian Federation aluminium major UC Rusal announced last week that it has entered into an agreement with fellow Russian firm ELKA-Cable to build a jointly-owned cable production facility. The firms executed a shareholder’s agreement forming a pact to build what will be known as Bogoslovsk Cable Plant, which will be situated on land occupied at […]

Rusal Inks Agreement with Sauer to Develop Aluminium 3D Printing Technology

Russian aluminium producer UC Rusal announced an agreement with Germany’s SAUER GmbH yesterday. SAUER, part of German firm DMG Mori AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, is a manufacturer of metal-cutting machine tools. According to Rusal, the two signed a memorandum of understanding to develop 3D printing technology aimed at industrial printing of aluminium and its alloys. The memorandum specifies […]