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ALCORE Technology Centre Introduces Advanced Bath Pilot Batch Reactor

ALCORE Technology Centre Introduces Advanced Bath Pilot Batch Reactor

In a notable advancement for the aluminium industry, the state-of-the-art Bath Pilot Batch Reactor has been successfully installed at the ALCORE Technology Centre. This development is a significant step for ABx Group and its 83%-owned subsidiary, ALCORE. The reactor, which is now...


Australian Bauxite Takes Next Step In Building Fluorine Recovery Reactor

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced this week that the next step in its ALCORE pilot plant has been achieved as it determined the initial operating conditions at the site. ABx said that it has completed thorough assessments of its specialized laboratory reactor, which will allow it to determine the operating conditions under which it will […]

ALCORE Commissions Trio Of New Lab Reactors For Production Of Aluminium Fluoride

Australian Bauxite Limited’s (ABx) subsidiary ALCORE Limited announced this week the commissioning of a trio of laboratory reactors at its technology center in New South Wales to aid it in the production of aluminium fluoride from aluminium smelter waste. Per the firm, two of the new reactors now in service produce highly concentrated sulfuric acid […]

ALCORE Receives A$7.5 MM Grant From Government To Build Aluminium Smelter Bath Recycling Plant In Tasmania

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) said this week that it’s subsidiary ALCORE Limited has received a grant of A$7.5 million from the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative towards its A$16.4-million aluminium smelter bath recycling plant in Bell Bay, Tasmania. ABx says the proposed plant will be the first site in the world to recycle aluminium smelter […]

Alcore Produces Aluminium Fluoride From Dross In Proprietary One-Step Process

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced this week that its 87%-owned subsidiary ALCORE Limited (Alcore) used its proprietary technology to produce aluminium fluoride from pure dross. ABx notes the importance of this breakthrough, as the dross used contained a multitude of impurities. Alcore was able to distill aluminium fluoride from the dross in only a single […]

ABx Shipped 33,915 MT Of Cement- And Fertilizer-Grade Bauxite In Third Quarter

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) released financial and operating results for the third quarter on Sunday. The firm continued to see a rise in bauxite shipments, and it reports steady progress on its project to develop commercially-viable aluminium fluoride. At the end of the quarter ABx held A$1.7 million in available cash, with about A$1.3 million […]