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Western Australia Authorities Cut Alcoa’s Water License By One-Third

Western Australia Authorities Cut Alcoa’s Water License By One-Third

Alcoa’s operations in Western Australia will have to go forward using substantially less water after local authorities reduce its allotment by one-third last week. Local authorities justified the cut by saying that the pressure put on the Cattamarra Coal Measures aquifer was...


Alcoa Agrees With Rusal’s Call For LME To Disclose Aluminium Stocks Origin

Pittsburgh aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation came out in favor of UC Rusal’s suggestion last week for the London Metal Exchange to publish the origin of all its aluminium and other metal stock in their warehouses around the world. The LME has faced calls for months by Alcoa and others to prohibit the sale of Russian […]

Alcoa Bottom Line Hammered By Lower Alumina, Aluminium Prices In Q3

Pittsburgh aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation reported results for the year’s third quarter last week. The firm’s bottom line struggled due to a lower sequential average realized price for both alumina and aluminium along with a jump in prices for raw materials and energy. In the year’s third quarter Alcoa reported revenue of US$2.85 billion, down […]

Rusal Parent Company Says Report Of Bans On Russian Aluminium “Irresponsible”

En+ Group took the offensive against media reports suggesting that the United States government is considering sanctions on Russian aluminium and other materials this week, asserting that it has been fully compliant with US import regulations. UC Rusal’s parent company spoke through Chairman Christopher Burnham, who characterized the reports of Russian aluminium restrictions as “irresponsible […]

Alcoa Deschambault Aluminium Smelter To Add New US$8 MM Casting Facilities

Pittsburgh aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation said last week that it is soon to break ground on new aluminium casting facilities at its Deschambault aluminium smelter in Canada. Per the firm, the US$8 million project will have new aluminium casting equipment installed in an existing building at the site. The new equipment will allow processing of […]