Airbus Debuts Aluminium Bodied DisruptiveLab Helicopter

Airbus Debuts Aluminium Bodied DisruptiveLab Helicopter

European aerospace firm Airbus Group SE unveiled DisruptiveLab this week, which is a new flying laboratory featuring an aluminium fuselage that will test new technology aimed at increasing aircraft performance and reducing carbon emissions. Among the technology being tested on the platform...


Aleris Wins Performance Award From Airbus

Cleveland rolled aluminium firm Aleris International, Inc. announced yesterday that it is the recipient of Airbus SE’s “Industrial Performance” award for 2018. The award, which was given in recognition of Aleris’ outstanding performance in the field of Aerostructures and Materials, highlighted the firm’s record for delivery of quality products and for the close and robust […]

Zhongwang Acquires German Alumnium Extrusion Firm ALUnna

The world’s second largest aluminium extrusion firm China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd announced yesterday that it now holds a controlling interest in German aluminium extrusion firm Aluminiumwerk Unna AG (ALUnna). Although no price for the purchase was given, the deal gives wholly owned German subsidiary Zhongwang Aluminium Deutschland GmbH a 99.72-percent equity interest in ALUnna. According […]