ABx Seals Deal For Sale Of 30 Thousand MT Of Custom Bauxite Ore

ABx Seals Deal For Sale Of 30 Thousand MT Of Custom Bauxite Ore

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced yesterday the firm’s latest sale of bauxite ore from its operations at the Bald Hill Bauxite Mine in northern Tasmania. Per the firm’s press release, the sale will have ABx delivering approximately 30 thousand metric tons (with...


ABx’s ALCORE Ltd. Acquires Sufficient Funding To Begin Aluminium Fluoride Project

Australian Bauxite Limited’s (ABx) wholly-owned subsidiary ALCORE Limited has acquired sufficient funding to commence with Stage 1 of its project to refine bauxite ore into aluminium fluoride (AlF3). Per ABx’s press release on the matter, ALCORE began construction at the site in New South Wales at the first of the month as per the project’s […]

ABx To Provide Bangladesh’s Aziz Group With Cement-Grade And Chemical-Grade Bauxite

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced to the market yesterday that it has signed a letter of intent with Aziz Group of Bangladesh to explore sales of bauxite ore and business development opportunities involving both chemical-grade and cement-grade bauxite. Per the press release, ABx will supply chemical-grade bauxite to Aziz Group for the production of polyaluminum […]

ABx’s Estimates of Binjour Project Reserves Double to 37 MMT

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) advised the global market yesterday that the reserves at the Binjour Project site are now estimated to total 37 million metric tons, 51 percent above previous estimates for the project. ABx says the results are gleaned from samples taken from over nine hundred drill holes across three quarters of the 44 […]

ABx Forms ALCORE Limited to Manage Aluminium Fluoride Project

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced yesterday the incorporation of the next step in its aluminium fluoride project – the incorporation of ALCORE Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary for housing the ALCORE Project. ABx says it will transfer ownership of the method for producing aluminium fluoride (AlF3) to the entity, with plans for it to begin immediately […]

ABx Developing Plans for Sample Production of Aluminium Fluoride

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) updated its shareholders on ALCORE, the company’s project to refine aluminium fluoride (AlF3) from bauxite, via a press release published yesterday. According to ABx, to date the firm has begun preliminary work towards the construction of an Engineering Validation Plant (EV Plant). The task, which is to be done in conjunction […]