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Final Equipment Delivered To EGA’s Bauxite Operation In Guinea

Final Equipment Delivered To EGA’s Bauxite Operation In Guinea

Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) announced to investors earlier this week the delivery of the final major piece of bauxite mining equipment at its operations in Guinea. EGA said on Wednesday that a barge loader built by ThyssenKrupp in India arrived in...


EGA Commissions First Of Four Sections Of Al Taweelah Alumina Refinery

UAE aluminium smelter Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) is one big step closer to alumina production over this week’s successful completion and commissioning of the first major section of its alumina refinery now under construction at Al Taweelah. Per a press release by the firm, the calcination section’s 1,700 instruments and over 100 motors have […]

EGA Recognized As Pioneer By UAE Government

United Arab Emirates aluminium producer Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) received last week recognition as a “UAE Pioneer” by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE. The award recognizes EGA’s tremendous growth in both quantity and quality of aluminium offerings. Starting from […]

EGA Takes First Delivery Of Caustic Soda At Al Taweelah Alumina Refinery

Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) announced yesterday the reception of the inaugural shipment of caustic soda for use in the Al Taweelah alumina refinery as it nears completion. The refinery, which covers an area equal to 200 football fields and utilizes enough steel to build 7 Eiffel Towers, is expected to require around 130,000 metric […]

EGA Releases First-Ever Sustainability Report

Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) debuted the firm’s first sustainability report last week. The report lays out EGA’s actions thus far in the realms of economic, social, and environmental progress as well as identifying targets and goals in such areas for the future. Its intent is to gauge EGA’s progress in the areas of emissions, […]

EGA Signs Deal To Provide 27,000t Of Spent Pot Lining To Gulf Cement Company

Emirates Global Aluminium PJSC (EGA) announced late last week an agreement to supply Gulf Cement Company with 27,000 metric tons of spent pot lining through 2020 for use by the company in the production of cement. Per the agreement, EGA will send 2,000 metric tons of spent pot lining to Gulf Cement this year, followed […]