Sumitomo to Debut Ultra-Fine Alumina Products to Create New Markets

Sumitomo to Debut Ultra-Fine Alumina Products to Create New Markets

Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical is introducing ultra-fine alumina products using new production technology. The move aims to open new avenues for growth and development within the aluminum industry by creating new markets.

Sumitomo’s accomplishment involves the successful development of production technology for ultra-fine α-alumina. Production is to begin in September this year at its new manufacturing capabilities at Sumitomo Chemical’s Ehime Works facility. The company hopes to open new markets in ICT, energy conservation, and life sciences through its advancements in inorganic materials.

By the fiscal year 2025, Sumitomo Chemical envisions a 30% surge in sales revenue within its ultra-high purity alumina sector compared to the figures from FY2023.

The newly unveiled NXA series of products are of the ultra-fine α-alumina variety. These products are specifically produced for various industrial applications, with qualities that are unique for each application. For instance, the NXA series products showcase homogeneous ultra-fine particles, boasting a particle size of 150 nm (0.15 μm) or even smaller. This size is nearly two-hundred times smaller than their larger-particle counterparts previously offered by the company.

This new offering will join Sumitomo Chemical’s wide range of product grades, which the firm says is distinguished by their top-notch quality, stability, and the capacity to cater to diverse customer needs. Alumina products from Sumitomo Chemical have found utility in lithium-ion battery separators and LED substrates, along with semiconductor thermal materials.

With their remarkably fine particles and a propensity for easy sintering, the new ultra-fine alumina grades hold immense promise. Sumitomo says that the product will be used as polishing agents for next-generation semiconductors. The ultra-fine alumina products can serve as components for items that require both strength and aesthetic appeal like artificial joints and dental products.