Singapore Firm Granted Patent For New Aluminium-Copper Alloy Electroplating Process

Singapore Firm Granted Patent For New Aluminium-Copper Alloy Electroplating Process

Singaporean metals firm Nico Steel Holdings said Monday it has obtained a 20-year patent for a new process for electroplating an aluminium alloy with copper.

The patent, which was granted by China’s National Intellectual Property Administration, is back-dated to June and covers a proprietary alloy product called NICO-CCU. Nico uses a proprietary alloy, dubbed NICO AL50, as a base material for production of the newly-patented product.

At present the aluminium-copper alloy is used to manage heat and surface electrical conductivity on laptops and tablets. Nico says the alloy is already in use by several firms, including the world’s largest software company, the world’s largest personal computer vendor, and a major Japanese conglomerate.

“We are appreciative of our customers who are willing to try out our proprietary and innovative metallurgical materials in their new electronic mobile devices,” said Danny Tan, executive chairman and president of Nico Steel.

“At Nico, we continue to provide our best possible solutions in metallurgical and materials, to meet the evolving requirements of the wide range of electronics and mobile devices, for our diverse customers in the communications, automotive and consumer electronics sectors.”

“Having a variety of tested and specific base alloys under our proprietary product range enables Nico the capability and flexibility to create and produce ‘a single metal with cross or multi-properties’, to cater to the rising demand for improved functionality and performance of our customers’ products,” elaborated Nico Steel’s executive director Steven Tang.

Nico Steel’s AL50 alloy has already found wide use in the electronics industry thanks to its high strength, superior thermal conductivity, and light weight. At present the alloy can be found on the rear cover of LED displays and as electromagnetic interference and thermal management for smartphones, drones, tablets, hololens, and laptops.