Section 232 Tariffs Necessary To Stem Tide Of “Unprecedented Surge” Of Canadian Aluminium: Century CEO Bless

Section 232 Tariffs Necessary To Stem Tide Of “Unprecedented Surge” Of Canadian Aluminium: Century CEO Bless

American aluminium maker Century Aluminum’s president and chief executive officer Michael Bless went on record Thursday in support of United States president Donald Trump’s decision to reinstate Section 232 tariffs on aluminium and steel on imports of the same from Canada.

Citing a 95-percent increase in imports of unalloyed primary aluminium from the dominion in the last 12 months, Bless indicated that the measure was necessary to protect American aluminium smelters from an “unprecedented surge” of imports from north of the border.

“President Trump’s action demonstrates this administration’s continued dedication to restoring the U.S. aluminum industry and American jobs. As policymakers focus on shoring up our manufacturing base and enhancing supply chain resiliency, the President’s leadership helps to secure continued domestic production of this vital strategic material and level the playing field for thousands of American aluminum workers.”

“The Section 232 program has been instrumental in driving the resurgence of aluminum production in this country,” he went on. “I am privileged, on behalf of our employees and the communities they support, to thank President Trump for his strong leadership and for supporting American workers.”

Century Aluminum is the United States’ most prolific producer of primary aluminium. The firm’s plant in Kentucky is the final remaining aluminium smelter in the country that has the capacity to produce the high-purity aluminium necessary for certain specialized military applications.

Bless has been an ardent supporter of the Trump Administration’s Section 232 tariffs, having frequently gone on record several times since their implementation to laud the move.