Secondary Aluminium Market Stakeholders Form Advocacy Group Aluminum Recyclers Council

Secondary Aluminium Market Stakeholders Form Advocacy Group Aluminum Recyclers Council

A new aluminium trade group announced its arrival upon the industry’s landscape yesterday. Representing recycled aluminium alloy manufacturers in the United States, the Aluminum Recyclers Council was formed last month in an effort at unifying the voice of a growing aluminium segment that finds itself in the midst of dramatic change.

Luke Palen, President of Spectro Alloys Corporation, and elected as the first Chairman of the Board, said in the Council’s initial press release that the ARC fills a need as well as presenting an opportunity.

“Too often, our industry is left without a voice in legislation and regulation impacting our businesses and the lives of all our employees. We also recognize that we have a tremendous opportunity to expand the usage of recycled aluminum alloys in new applications. Consumers are demanding a more sustainable product, and recycled aluminum alloys provide huge benefits.”

In addition to Spectro Alloys, the ARC’s charter members include Continental Aluminum of Michigan, Custom Alloy Sales Inc. of California, Metal Exchange Corp. of Missouri, Superior Aluminum Alloys of Indiana, and The Sanford Organization of Illinois.

Among the Council’s immediate plans is the development of a business excellence program that will utilize webinars and other such workshops. But this is just the tip of the iceberg according to the ARC’s vice-chairman Mark Buchner.

“We believe there is a real opportunity for us to work together to develop best practices in all phases of the manufacturing process, not the least of which is safety. By working together to find those best practices we will all become better at what we do.”

Though the group’s initial membership has already been set, ARC president Jeff Henderson says that membership opportunities may soon be offered to other secondary aluminium smelters and their suppliers.

“There are many common issues among companies that recycle aluminum. This provides an opportunity for ARC to create a platform as an industry voice and advance the interests of the members.”