Russia’s Low-Carbon Aluminium Should Be Granted Exemption from Trump Tariffs: Rusal

Russia’s Low-Carbon Aluminium Should Be Granted Exemption from Trump Tariffs: Rusal

Russian Federation aluminium titan U.C. Rusal said on Friday that, as a longstanding supplier to the United States market of environmentally-responsible aluminium, imports from its home country should not be subject to President Donald Trump’s 10-percent tariffs.

In comments made to Russian News Agency TASS, a company spokesman pointed to its relationship of almost two decades with the United States.

“Our subsidiary Rusal America in State of Delaware has been operating since 1999. We supply to the US market products with low carbon footprint, which are marketable, though scarce. We assume that Russia should be exempted from tariffs for protecting American consumers from price growth, and for ensuring that the American manufacturing industry remains competitive.”

To date the Trump administration has extended temporary reprieves from the aluminium tariffs to Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and the Republic of Korea, which will run through the end of next month. According to the administrations, factors used in determining which countries would receive temporary relief included the fact that the governments of these countries are actively working to reduce global excess capacity. The administration says a decision will be made by the first of May regarding whether the granted reprieves will be extended or allowed to lapse based upon the progress of those discussions.

Separate negotiations are being held with the administration with the European Union regarding an exemption for the 28 current member states, but no exemption has yet been forthcoming.