Rusal’s Port At Taressa, Guinea Granted IMO Identification Number

Rusal’s Port At Taressa, Guinea Granted IMO Identification Number

Russian Federation aluminium titan U.C. Rusal obtained last week a unique International Maritime Organization (IMO) identification number for its Guinean mining port Taressa. The assignment followed a successful registration of the port with the IMO’s Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS).

The port facilities at Taressa are part of the COBAD SA infrastructure, which supports the Dian-Dian project in Guinea’s Boké region. Included in the port facilities is a berth for bulk loading, a ship loader, equipment for transshipment of bauxite ore, warehouses and other storage spaces, rail and automobile access, and other special equipment.

Cellou Diallo, National Director of the Merchant Navy elaborated upon the importance of this new certification to industry press.

“Thanks to this joint action between the Merchant Navy and the RUSAL company, a new port complies with the norms and safety standards of the International Maritime Organization was born in Guinea, which fits perfectly into the logic of the development of modern mining and port infrastructures in our country. It is particularly encouraging that this initiative was carried out by our long-standing Russian partner which is the company RUSAL.”

“The international registration of the port of Taressa in the GISIS system is further confirmation of RUSAL’s intentions to develop long-term projects in the Republic of Guinea,” continued Yakov Itskov, Rusal’s Alumina Business Director. “It also illustrates the Company’s responsible approach to safety and security issues, as well as compliance with international transport standards.”

Rusal has been operating in Guinea for almost two decades. It owns Kindia Bauxite Company (CBK) and the Friguia plant, which mines bauxite and refines alumina.