Rusal To Install Over 20 New Dry Gas Cleaning Systems Across Several Smelters

Rusal To Install Over 20 New Dry Gas Cleaning Systems Across Several Smelters

Russian Federation aluminium titan U.C. Rusal announced on Thursday a pledge to install more than a score of cutting-edge dry gas cleaning systems (DGCS) on aluminium smelters run by the company over the coming five years.

The firm says the DGCS project to retrofit smelters with DGCS units it developed in-house was initiated in 2016. Aside from this is a new DGCS developed by RUSAL-SibVAMI (Irkutsk) and RUSAL ITC (Krasnoyarsk) that was installed at Bratsk aluminum smelter and brought online last month. Rusal already has DGCSs in place at Shelekhov and Novokuznetsk, a pair of the firm’s industrial sites.

Rusal has listed a total of 17 additional DGCS installations in its environmental plan for the years of 2020 through 2024. Sites to receive the new DGCSs are Bratsk, Novokuznetsk and Irkutsk aluminium smelters.

Rusal Technical Director Victor Mann elaborated upon the plan in a related press release.

“This project is truly unique thanks to our patented design solutions, enabling RUSAL to complete the switch to utilising our own dry gas cleaning systems as part of our “EcoSoderberg” technology implementation. This innovative new technology outperforms the existing foreign analogues and delivers a superior performance, both in terms of RUSAL’s sustainability footprint and overall efficiency characteristics.”

This announcement is but the latest of several sustainability-related initiatives highlighted by the firm in recent months. Earlier in the week the firm announced its US$1.085-billion sustainability-linked finance facility, and the week before included a notice that it sold half of the smelter’s generated waste over the course of the last ten years. At the beginning of October Rusal completed planting of half a million trees in the Irkutsk region in a project with the Irtkutsk Regional Government and the Russian Federal Forestry Agency.