Rusal Shakes Up Sales Team During Aluminium Mating Season

Rusal Shakes Up Sales Team During Aluminium Mating Season

Russian aluminium titan UC Rusal shook up its sales team earlier this week in an effort at maintaining its book of business during a political climate stacked against all things Russian.

Rusal appointed Roman Andryushin as its deputy CEO, sales and marketing director on Monday, replacing Steve Hodgson in the role. Hodgson will remain with the firm at Rusal Marketing GmbH, where he will concentrate on international consumers.

Reporting to Andryushin in his new role will be Elias Sarkis as Export Sales Director, Deputy Sales and Marketing Director and Bob Katsiouleris as Market Development and Quality Director.

Evgenii Nikitin, General Director of Rusal, said in a press release that he has confidence in Andryushin’s ability to navigate the difficult straits in which the company finds itself.

“Roman has worked at RUSAL for more than 20 years, he has vast experience in sales development and diversification in difficult market conditions. In view of the current turbulence in the global economy, the appointment of Roman will strengthen our position in key regions and promote our development in new areas.”

For his part, Andryushin said that the situation with Rusal’s clients is not nearly as dire as portrayed in recent reports.

“Despite suggestions to the contrary, our relationships with clients have remained professional and largely supportive of our ongoing supplies. The continued availability of our metal has a crucial stabilizing effect on the market, since the majority of the global aluminium industry continues to rely on our low carbon aluminium. It is clear that we will be facing new challenges, but together with our professional team, we can face any headwinds.”

The personnel move was carried out in metal’s “mating season,” or the time of year when contracts for the coming year are settled. Some suppliers have openly stated that they will not buy Russian aluminium, while others are apparently still mulling the situation.

Rusal has struggled most of this year after the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine in late February. Though not under sanction itself, many buyers have sought to distance themselves from Rusal and Russian products in general.