Rusal Joint Venture Aluminium Wire Cable Factory Begins Production

Rusal Joint Venture Aluminium Wire Cable Factory Begins Production

Russian Federation aluminium giant U.C. Rusal announced on Thursday the commencement of production at Bogolsovsk Cable Factory (BCF), an aluminium alloy core wire production facility in which it is a partner with ELKA-Cable Group.

Elements of the factory had entered production previously, including a workshop and certain supplemental machinery. Prior to the second workshop’s commissioning, the plant produced semi-finished aluminium products.

Rusal points out the fact that the plant currently faces no competition for its products within Russia, yielding it a distinct advantage. It will ultimately produce three varieties of aluminium wire and cable, namely oil-submersible cables, self-supporting insulating wires, and flexible wires for use in industrial facilities. The plant will also continue to produce the aluminium wires, strands, and connectors required for the manufacture of other cable products.

Once brought to full capacity in three years, the plant is expected to have a nameplate production of 4,400 metric tons. The entirety of raw aluminium will be supplied to the plant by Rusal.

“At its full production cycle, the facility will contribute to the region’s industrial potential,” explained Alexey Arnautov, Rusal’s Head of New Projects Directorate. “The advantage that BCF cabling and wiring products have is that there are currently no analogues on the domestic market, and there is already demand from the Russian power grid, oil and oil-field service companies.”

The plant is the product of a 2016 agreement between the firms. Financing for and equity in the project is split evenly between the two companies, with the all-in investment at the plant totaling ₽765 million (US$12 million).

ELCA-Cable develops, produces, and markets a variety of cable and wire products through its several brands: ELKACABLE, which makes power cables for fixed installations, ELKALINE, which produces non-insulated wires for high-voltage lines and SIP-grade wires, ELKAFLEX which makes flexible cables, and ELKAOIL which designs and sells oil-submersible cables.