Rusal Begins Production Of Aluminium Hydrate Catalysts At Achinsk Refinery

Rusal Begins Production Of Aluminium Hydrate Catalysts At Achinsk Refinery

Russian aluminium titan UC Rusal said this week that it has developed and launched the production of raw materials for aluminium hydrate catalysts at its Achinsk Alumina Refinery (RUSAL Achinsk). The firm has also begun production of VOGA fire retardants at that location.

The catalysts under production are used in the petrochemical industry and in the production of artificial rubber tires. Prior to the opening of the plant at Achinsk, the entirety of Russia’s supply of aluminium hydrate catalysts came from Europe.

Rusal estimates that the worldwide consumption of aluminium hydrate is over 800 thousand metric tons per year, rising at between four and five percent each year.

VOGA fire retardant is a two-micron powder that releases moisture when heated. It not only extinguishes fire, it also suppresses emission of potentially toxic smoke as well. Due to its unique properties, VOGA is used to produce inflammable cable insulation, which is in turn used in the nuclear, shipbuilding, aviation and automotive industries. VOGA is also used in the production of paint products and high-quality paper.

The firm said the ₽800 million project features a nameplate capacity of 5 thousand metric tons per annum and utilizes a proprietary technique developed at RUSAL Engineering and Technology Centre (RUSAL ETC). The technology is proven, notes Rusal, and it is also environmentally friendly.

Rusal completed construction of the industrial site at Achinsk in two years and created an additional 50 jobs for the local economy. The site attained full production last year.