Rusal Begins Production Of Aluminium Alloy Cathodic Protection Anodes

Rusal Begins Production Of Aluminium Alloy Cathodic Protection Anodes

Russian Federation aluminium behemoth U.C. Rusal yesterday announced the commencement of cathodic protection anodes designed for use in the prevention of corrosion on pipelines, shipbuilding, and a myriad of other heavy industries.

The move is a bid to increase the firm’s share of value-added products in its business mix. The anodes, which will be produced at the Volgograd aluminium smelter, will be made of a Zn-Mn aluminium alloy that the firm says provides better corrosion protection that competing alloys. Initially producing 50 metric tons per month at an investment of 20 million rubles, Rusal indicates that capacity can be raised in the future should demand increase.

Rusal’s CEO Evgenii Nikitin said the firm’s production of improved anodes will offer several advantages to his firm and its customers alike.

“The diversification of our value-added products is not only part of RUSAL’s strategy to increase the share of VAPs as a proportion of our sales portfolio, but also a key element of the Company’s contribution to supply crucial equipment in demanding environments such as shipbuilding and oil and gas through the development of necessary technologies and competencies. The wide application of these products will enable companies to significantly reduce their operating costs, and consequently will have a positive impact on the efficiency of their projects in general.”

Rusal has sent test samples to interested customers to test in advance of full production, noting that the samples sent comply with current testing standards. The anodes continue to undergo certification testing for other voluntary certifications, including the Russian system of voluntary certification Intergazcert.