Rusal Approves Of 2035 Sustainable Development Strategy

Rusal Approves Of 2035 Sustainable Development Strategy

Russian aluminium giant UC Rusal approved its Sustainable Development Strategy for 2035 this week.

Rusal said the strategy will make sustainable aluminium production more budget friendly by developing a new type of non-ferrous assets. These new assets will leverage solutions that are adaptive, fair, secure, and inclusive that will ultimately lead to carbon neutrality by mid-century.

Rusal’s General Director Evgenii Nikitin elaborated on the plan in a related press release.

“RUSAL will lead by example in proposing such a transformation of the aluminium sector as the backbone of the future economy that will ensure access to our sustainable products for most of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.”

Rusal’s plan consists of a dozen new programs that are ESG-transformation projects that it hopes will create a sustainable sourcing foundation and a long-term competitive advantage. Six of the programs involve transitioning to more sustainable products and businesses:

Low Carbon Aluminium,

Air Quality Normalcy,

Circularity of Post-Production and Post-Consumer Materials,

Circular Water in Key Production Processes,

Safe Operation of Red Mud Disposal Sites and Other Waste Disposal Sites, and

Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services

Three programs involve improving the workplace:

Safe Workplace,

Future Workplace, and

Sustainable Communities

And three programs aimed at corporate governance and sustainable product sourcing:

Data-Driven Decisions behind Sustainability,

ESG Maturity Assessment of Suppliers, and

Recognition of ESG Leadership in Top Ratings

To implement these plans, Rusal has also established a project office within the Sustainability Directorate. Additionally, all initiatives, document drafts, and functional strategies will be reviewed by the Public Expert Council on Sustainability, which is made up of representatives from several NGOs, academic leaders, national opinion leaders, and leaders local to Rusal’s operations.